Commitment to Education

At the American Hanoverian Society Foundation, we recognize that education is the cornerstone of progress in the equestrian community. Our Education Committee plays a pivotal role in advancing our mission by providing invaluable learning opportunities about the breeding, management and training of sport horses, particularly the Hanoverian and Rhineland breeds.

Diverse Educational Offerings

We offer a diverse array of educational programs designed to cater to the interests of our community members. Our in-person events provide hands-on experiences and networking opportunities, while our virtual seminars, webinars and podcasts—accessible from anywhere in the world—feature industry experts on a wide range of topics.

Professional Development Opportunities

We provide professionals and aspiring professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in the breeding and training of Hanoverian and Rhineland horses, as well as developing the people skills required in a business. Whether you’re a new or seasoned professional, the AHS Foundation offers opportunities to help develop your craft and advance your career in the equestrian industry.

Supporting Amateur Owners, Juniors and Young Riders/Breeders

Amateur owners are the backbone of our industry, and juniors and young riders/breeders represent the future of the sport. The American Hanoverian Society Foundation provides educational opportunities tailored to the unique needs and interests of these important enthusiasts. By investing in the education and development of amateurs, juniors, young riders/breeders, we help support a bright and promising future for the sport horse industry as a whole.

Contribute to Our Educational Initiatives

As we continue to expand and enhance our educational offerings, we rely on the generous support of individuals like you. Your financial contributions help develop and deliver high-quality educational and scholarship programs.

Join us in our commitment to education. Your support plays a vital role in fostering a culture of learning and innovation within our Hanoverian and Rhineland community. Together, let’s pave the way for a brighter future for Hanoverian and Rhineland horses across the United States.


AHSF Education Committee