Donation Match Challenge Announced

In honor of Widmark

At the heart of all the efforts for the AHS Foundation and the American Hanoverian Society is our love for our wonderful horses. An anonymous donor approached theAHSF about wanting to honor one of those horses that’s meant a lot to the Hanoverian breed as a whole – the Elite Hanoverian stallion, Widmark.

While not Widmark’s owner, our donor is one of the fortunate people to own and love a Widmark offspring. Her donation of $2,000 is a wonderful recognition of a top stallion and will contribute to the AHS Foundation’s mission to provide education and advance the breeding, management and training of Hanoverian and Rhineland horses.

Our anonymous donor has added an interesting twist to her already generous donation. If we raise an additional $1,000 by the end of May 2024, she will match that $1,000 bringing the total potential donations to $4,000.  Will you help us meet this challenge?

What Is A Match Challenge?

Matching donations can have a profound effect on our AHS Foundation fundraising efforts as they, in effect, double the value of each donated dollar.  This, in turn, helps us reach new fundraising goals and increase the scholarships and support we provide. A Matching Challenge donation has a limited time period in which we can meet the required donation limits.

Initial Donation

In this Fundraising Challenge, our donor has given $2,000 to our General Scholarship Fund in honor of Widmark. She will match other donations, up to an additional $1000, that the AHSF receives by May 31, 2024. It’s creative thinking like this by our supporters that will really help the AHS Foundation as we grow in the coming years.

Additional Donors

Join us today in meeting this Match Challenge. Your donations honor Widmark, as well as the other Hanoverian and Rhineland horses, that make such an impact on our lives. All donations received during the month of May that are earmarked for the General Scholarship Fund or are Unrestricted will count toward this goal.

More About Widmark

After early accolades in Germany, Widmark was imported by Meg Williams. Under her care and training he developed into a successful Grand Prix horse. “He was a sheer delight to ride and train. He walked out of his stall ready and wanting to work every single day,” said Meg. But Widmark’s effect extends well beyond Oakwood and those that loved him there.

As a breeding stallion he had over 120 foals registered with the AHS, 16 Elite/Premium daughters, an additional 25 daughters with their HPM Candidate status, winners of the prestigious Bari von Beudingen and Hartwig Memorial trophies, and Gold Medal foals. His offspring are showing around the country in dressage, hunters and eventing and are exceptional ambassadors for the Hanoverian breed.