Scholarship and Grant Programs Overview

At the American Hanoverian Society Foundation, we are deeply committed to advancing the breeding, management and training of sport horses, particularly the Hanoverian and Rhineland breeds, across the United States. Central to our mission is the belief that education and financial support are essential pillars in fostering excellence within the equestrian community.

Our Scholarship and Grant Programs are instrumental in fulfilling our mission by providing financial assistance and educational opportunities to individuals and organizations dedicated to the betterment of the sport horse industry. Through these programs, we aim to support the next generation of breeders, trainers and enthusiasts as they pursue their passion for Hanoverian and Rhineland horses.

Our inaugural scholarship fund, The Rachel Ehrlich Scholarship Fund, was generously established by Drs. Barbara J. Davis and J. Carl Barrett. This fund honors the mentorship of Rachel Ehrlich, who has dedicated her professional life to breeding and promoting quality Hanoverians, while actively supporting and mentoring new breeders and riders dedicated to their horse’s welfare and development.

As the Foundation continues to grow and expand its impact, we remain committed to the thoughtful development of additional funds for our Scholarship and Grant Programs. Through strategic planning and responsible stewardship, we strive to ensure that our resources are effectively allocated to support the greatest needs and opportunities within the equestrian community.

AHSF Scholarship Committee


Get Involved

Whether you are a passionate equestrian seeking financial support to further your education or a benefactor interested in contributing to the future of the sport horse industry, we invite you to explore our Scholarship and Grant Programs. Your participation and support are instrumental in helping achieve our shared goals of excellence, innovation and advancement within the equestrian world.

  • Apply for scholarships from the AHS Foundation.
  • Participate in educational workshops and seminars funded by the AHS Foundation.
  • Explore opportunities to showcase Hanoverians at rated competitions with support from the Rachel Ehrlich Scholarship Fund.
  • Connect with mentors and industry experts through AHS Foundation programs.
  • Stay informed about upcoming scholarship deadlines and grant opportunities through our website and newsletters.
  • Attend virtual seminars and webinars organized by the AHS Foundation to enhance your knowledge and skills.
  • Engage with our online community to share experiences, ask questions and learn from fellow equestrians.
  • Utilize educational resources provided by the AHS Foundation, including articles, videos and instructional materials.
  • Network with other scholarship recipients and program benefactors to exchange ideas and support each other’s endeavors.
  • Share your success stories and experiences with the AHS Foundation to inspire others and showcase the impact of our programs.